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CharityWatch is America's most independent and assertive charity watchdog. Rather than merely repeat charities' self-reported finances using simplistic or automated formulas, we delve deep to find the real story of how efficiently charities use your donations to fund the programs you want to support. Founded in 1992 as the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP), CharityWatch continues to expose nonprofit abuses and advocate for your interests as a donor.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy published several of our triumphs in an in-depth profile of CharityWatch & our president Daniel Borochoff: An MBA's Sleuthing Skills Puts Charities on the Hot Seat.

Thrift Store Donations for Veterans Charity Investigated

Veterans benefit very little when clothes and household items are donated to Vietnam Veterans of America. Watch CharityWatch president talk with KATU investigators about CharityWatch's analysis of this F rated charity.

F Rated Breast Cancer Charities of America Gets Attention for Paltry Program Spending

BCCA heavily promotes direct aid to breast cancer sufferers yet spends only 2% on this.

F Rated Veterans Charity Busted

$24.6 Million Settlement with Attorney General

CharityWatch was the first to warn the public of a $8.4 million debt in 2008 and other serious problems with Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) in Millions in Future Donations to Vets Charity Will Pay Debt Owed to Vendors. The charity continued to dig itself into a huge debt to its professional fundraisers, reaching $16.5 million in 2012.

Only a tiny portion of DVNF's cash donations ever went to helping disabled veterans. CharityWatch applauds the New York AG Office for finally putting a stop to many of this group's bad practices. The settlement shows how fundraisers can take advantage of charities, how direct mail solicitations can mislead donors, and how a charity can use unidentified gifts-in-kind of questionable value to give a false appearance that it is spending its money wisely and efficiently. Also, this should wake up "asleep at the wheel" charity governing board members who are allowing outside business interests to control and siphon off contributions.

While DVNF is being forced to reform, it is only one of many charities that dishonor veterans as well as the intentions of generous donors. Donors still must do their homework to select an efficient and well-run veterans charity.

Giving Alert!

The Best Way to Support Humanitarian Relief Efforts for Syrians

The extremely violent Syrian conflicts that began in March 2011 have claimed the lives of more than 140,000 people. The Syrian Medical Association estimates that an additional 200,000 people have died from chronic illnesses due to lack of access to medicine or adequate medical treatment. 60 percent of Syria's hospitals and medical centers have been severely damaged or destroyed, and one third of the water treatment facilities have broken down. Access to vaccines has plummeted, resulting in a rise of preventable deadly illnesses, including polio and meningitis.

As many as 10.8 million Syrian people are in need of emergency assistance. As of early 2014, the violence has displaced more than 6.5 million people within Syria. More than 2.5 million Syrians are registered as refugees seeking assistance in neighboring countries - including Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey - and the total number of people fleeing Syria is much higher than that. Distribution of aid within Syria is difficult, and the large number of refugees into neighboring countries has overwhelmed social service providers.

CharityWatch announces its top-rated list of charities involved in efforts to provide emergency humanitarian relief to the people of Syria. Find out how you can help.

Lack of Disclosure Makes Giving to Televangelists a Risky Business

Large religious TV networks that repeatedly ask you for charitable donations are allowed to hide how they spend your dollars. If you want to know if your donation is used to fund TV broadcasting or charitable aid, a tax-exempt religious broadcaster does not have to tell you.

Thanks to court records from an employee lawsuit, it's been uncovered that Daystar, one of the largest religious TV broadcasters, spent only about 5 percent of its donations on ministries or charitable aid that was not directly related to Daystar broadcast activities. Hear CharityWatch president Daniel Borochoff's assessment of the situation on this NPR segment.

Charity Salaries

Million Dollar Pay at Nonprofit Hospitals Is it acceptable for the head of a nonprofit to earn a seven-figure salary? Upon what criteria should a salary be based? A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that a CEO at a nonprofit hospital earns, on average, about $600,000 a year and the median salary of a CEO at a large nonprofit urban hospital is over $1.66 million. Read more.

Know Your Options When Giving to the Red Cross

In the wake of any humanitarian disaster that hits the U.S., the American Red Cross (Red Cross) usually takes the lead in providing immediate and long-term disaster relief services. The Red Cross, though, has not been immune from criticism related to how it allocates the spending of donations contributed in response to disasters. Thanks to an October 23, 2013 agreement with New York's Attorney General, the Red Cross will give online donors clear options with respect to how their contributions will be used and provide transparency about such uses. Read more.

Leadership Booted at Dishonored Veterans Charity

Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV), which earns an F rating from CharityWatch, has been sued by California's Attorney General. The AG shares CharityWatch's long held position that HHV's accounting gimmicks inflate the reported amount of contributions spent on program services to help veterans. As part of the settlement, officers and directors named in the suit must resign and pay restitution. CharityWatch has been critical of HHV for years, and puts the settlement agreement in context with our article Leadership Booted at Dishonored Veterans Charity. For more CharityWatch reporting on HHV, check out these past articles:

CharityWatch Discusses Executive Compensation at Susan G Komen Foundation

In this video CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff offers context regarding nonprofit executive compensation. Borochoff suggests factors donors might consider to help determine whether executive compensation at a given charity is appropriate. (Video link will open in a new browser tab or window.)

Overhead Ratios are Essential for Informed Giving

GuideStar, Charity Navigator and BBB Wise Giving Alliance have started a campaign called "The Overhead Myth" which asserts that focusing on the percentage of a charity's budget spent on administrative and fundraising expenses—or overhead ratios—"can do more damage than good." Overhead costs comprise all of a charity's expenses which are not charitable program expenses. The Overhead Myth condemns the use of charities' spending ratios as a measurement to evaluate nonprofit performance. CharityWatch urges you not to be persuaded to ignore this essential metric for understanding how charitable dollars are spent. Read more...

Charity Fraudster's Identity Revealed

In April 2012, a fugitive using the alias "Bobby Thompson" was arrested in Oregon & is now jailed in Ohio facing charges of corruption, theft, and money laundering related to a sham charity he used to steal millions of dollars in donations intended to help veterans. On October 1, 2012, the US Marshalls Office revealed the true identity of "Bobby Thompson" to be John Donald Cody. Cody is a former military intelligence officer who has been on the FBI's wanted list since 1987 on charges of fraud and espionage.

For more about how the U.S. Marshalls identified the suspect, read this article. CharityWatch's Phantom Veterans Charity Takes Flight: Leaves Veterans Behind tells how he took advantage of donors' trust and desire to help our nation's veterans using his phony charity, the US Navy Veterans Association.

Wasteful Fundraising: What's the Appeal?

The video above illustrates that some nonprofits enter into agreements which direct most of donors' money to for-profit marketing companies and leave only small amounts for the charities. In the video and related article, CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff explains why some charities go for these bad deals.

Giving Alert!

The Best Way to Support Relief Efforts in West Africa.
The UN estimates that 18 million people in the drought-prone Sahel region of West and Central Africa face food insecurity this year.

Slowly developing crises like droughts don't attract the media attention or contributions that earthquakes and tsunamis can, even when the number of people in need is greater. Find out how you can help!

Giving Alert!

The Best Way to Support Humanitarian Relief Efforts for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms recorded, has devastated the central Philippines, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in need of humanitarian assistance.

CharityWatch announces its list of A and B rated charities involved in efforts to provide emergency shelter, clean water, food and medical assistance for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Find out how you can help.

Gay/Atheist Controversy Strikes Scouting
Guide to Finding a Group that Matches Your Views

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has come under increasing fire for its ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. Whichever policy position the BSA ultimately decides to take, it is useful to know that a wide variety of youth programs are available to families with differing views on these controversial issues. In order to help you select an organization that aligns with your personal values, CharityWatch provides you with a guide to the varying non-discrimination policies of several scouting & youth services groups.

F Rated Breast Cancer Charity Forced to Close

The F rated Coalition Against Breast Cancer (CABC) has been shut down by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Though CABC claimed to use donated funds for breast cancer research and prevention programming, less than .05% of donations actually funded breast cancer prevention or detection. Most of the money that was raised went to a professional fundraiser. CharityWatch highlights significant terms of the settlement in a brief article: Coalition Against Breast Cancer Dissolved by New York Attorney General's Office.

For more details, read the Attorney General's announcement regarding the settlement.

Lance Armstrong Scandal & Livestrong

In response to the US Anti-Doping Agency's October 2012 report implicating Lance Armstrong at the center of a doping scandal, CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff called for Armstrong to step down from his prominent position at Livestrong Foundation, the highly-efficient cancer charity he founded.

A week later, Armstrong announced that he would step down from his role as chairman. Mr. Borochoff spoke to trust issues related to the charity's image being so closely tied to the persona of its founder. Read more.

Charities Receive Attention for Overvaluing Donations

CharityWatch spotlighted the issue of how and why many charities overvalue their non-cash donations, or gifts-in-kind, in our article The Alice in Wonderland World of Charity Valuation. CNN has brought the issue to a wider audience with their follow-up investigation and this coverage.


Donor Alert!

The Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs announced on May 30, 2012 that it is calling on Department of Justice and Treasury to investigate Veterans Support Organization (VSO) for "potential violations of federal law and abuse of tax exempt status."

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission Chairman, seven Connecticut Congressmen allege that VSO employed paid solicitors to pose as volunteers next to shopping centers. VSO only spent $379,000 in grants to veterans and organizations in fiscal 2010.

VSO earns an F rating from CharityWatch. The group claims to have no fundraising costs on its audit and tax form for fiscal 2010, yet raised over $5.6 million in contributions. Despite what VSO reported on its financial documents, CharityWatch believes that it incurred nearly $4 million in fundraising costs that were reported as "On-the-job training programs" on its tax form. VSO's "program" does not help unemployed veterans obtain useful skills, such as computer programming, carpentry or nursing, to help them to obtain gainful employment. But the "program" does help VSO raise money for itself by turning veterans into street solicitors, who are instructed to keep 30% of what they raise. CharityWatch believes that the cost of hiring fundraisers should be reported as a fundraising expense regardless of who is doing the fundraising.

In Bucket-drop Donations Don't Always Reach Veterans, Florida Today highlights the VSO's questionable cash solicitation practices.


Are your donations really going to help veterans?

CharityWatch is keeping CNN's investigative reporters informed about veterans charities which spend millions to enrich fundraisers, and not much to help veterans. Check out this video and article to learn about similarities between two F rated groups, the National Veterans Foundation and the Disabled Veterans National Foundation.

A CNN investigation inspired by CharityWatch article Millions in Future Donations to Vets Charity Will Pay Debt Owed to Vendors reveals further details showing that only a small portion of donations raised by Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) goes to assist injured veterans. Thanks to CNN's continued reporting on F rated DVNF, two US Senators have now launched "an investigation into the potential abuses of tax-exempt nonprofit status" by DVNF and are looking into "questionable financial ties between DVNF and Quadriga Art."
Check out the following links to CNN's reporting on DVNF and Quadriga:
CharityWatch president, Daniel Borochoff, comments about the waste at this and other veterans charities. This follow-up video features veterans charities that have received useless in-kind donations from DVNF, and the group's president refusing to explain why DVNF provides so little aid to veterans. DVNF's responses to CNN take a "bizarre and nonsensical" twist and J.D. Simpson, who operates a shelter serving homeless veterans, says that DVNF diverts much-needed funds away from groups helping veterans in need.

Here is a list of the Veterans Charities which earn Top-Rated status from CharityWatch for spending most of their budgets on charitable programs.

What is the Breast Cancer Society really doing to help cancer patients?

CharityWatch informs investigative reporters on the Breast Cancer Society's skimpy program spending. Watch the video below or read this article to find out how the group uses in-kind donations to appear efficient without spending much on charitable programs.

"Not So" Great Nonprofits and Think! Before You JustGive
In these new articles, CharityWatch sizes up two popular charity review websites. Find out what to be wary of when choosing sources for charity information.

** Update: Greg Mortenson, Central Asia Institute **

April 2012 Montana Attorney General announces a settlement agreement requiring Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, to pay more than $1 million in restitution for financial wrongdoing at the charity he founded, Central Asia Institute. The very same three person board, which includes Greg Mortenson and is responsible for the mismanagement of CAI, is empowered with selecting its replacement board, according to the settlement reached with the Montana Attorney General. Read the CharityWatch article that sparked the investigation, and listen to Daniel Borochoff discuss the settlement agreement on NPR. For Borochoff's comments on how the nonprofit sector could be affected by shortcomings in the AG's settlement, read this AP article.

60 Minutes investigates Greg Mortenson CharityWatch article Nobel Prize Nominee's Charity Wins No Awards for Accountability, inspires 60 Minutes investigative piece on Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, and his charity, Central Asia Institute. Click here to watch the 60 Minutes segment.

In a follow-up interview on MSNBC, CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff details some of the accountability issues at Central Asia Institute.

With PBS Newshour, Daniel Borochoff discusses important questions that Mortenson and CAI have still not answered.

Byliner, the publisher of Jon Krakauer's 75 page article Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, has made the article available at

Update December 2014

Central Asia Institute: The Concerns Continue to Support a "?" Rating

Want to help children in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

CharityWatch list of Top-Rated charities operating in the region.

** CharityWatch responds to questions about the charity behind Kony2012 **

In the short video below, CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff discusses what the public might not realize about the finances of Invisible Children—the charity behind the Kony2012 viral video.


For CharityWatch commentary on the effects of recent controversy at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, read these two articles from The New York Times:

CharityWatch raises concerns about the American Cancer Society. Watch the video below (with Flash Player) or read American Cancer Society: Where does your money go?

CharityWatch Calls for Charities to Disclose International Grantees

CharityWatch is calling for the IRS to start requiring charities to shine light on their international grants. Under current reporting rules nonprofits are allowed to conceal the organizational names of their international grantees on their mandatory public disclosure report, the IRS form 990. This omission is making it too easy for charities to exaggerate their work and mislead the American public. As a world humanitarian leader, it is essential that the United States require its nonprofit international aid organizations to be transparent and accountable. Read our plea to the IRS.

CharityWatch is also calling for the IRS to close a loophole that allows charity executives to hide some of their compensation. For more on that, read CharityWatch Calls for Full Disclosure of Charity Executive Compensation.

**Haiti Earthquake & Cholera Epidemic**

Help provide relief to Haiti's earthquake & cholera victims.
A magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti in January 2010. The quake collapsed buildings in capital Port-au-Prince, caused more than two hundred thousand deaths, thousands of injuries, and left more than a million people homeless. In October 2010, a deadly cholera epidemic swept the vulnerable Haitian population. Find out how you can help.

Starving in South Africa The Best Way to Support Relief Efforts in East Africa. Countries in the Horn of Africa are still in need of help following the recent severe drought in the region and famine in Somalia. Countries in the region also affected by a food crisis include Djibouti, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.
Find out how you can help!


8.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Japan and Resulting Tsunami
CharityWatch announces its Top-Rated list of charities offering services to the victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
Find out how you can help

Flood victims in PakistanFlooding in Pakistan
Two months of heavy rain and severe flooding in Pakistan has devastated the population, with a death toll surpassing 1,800 and more than twelve million people in need of immediate assistance. Find out how you can help.

Superstorm Sandy Relief

CharityWatch announces its top-rated list of charities involved in efforts to provide relief to victims of Superstorm Sandy, domestically and/or in the Caribbean. Donors should find out what specific roles a charity has in the relief and recovery efforts before donating. When people hear about the tens of billions of dollars in damages, they need to be aware that much of that will be paid for by government and private insurance. The role of charity is to cover what these larger players don't. Find out how you can help.

Indonesia Relief
CharityWatch announces its Top-Rated list of charities currently offering services to the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami, and volcanic eruptions that struck in Indonesia. Find out how you can help.

Daniel Borochoff on NPR NPR's Talk of the Nation featured CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff discussing challenges in getting aid to victims of Pakistan's flood. Click this link to listen.
Mr. Borochoff was also interviewed on the radio program The World for a segment on Haiti versus Pakistan Aid Response, highlighting the enormous scale of the Pakistan disaster, and the lack of sufficient aid money to the region.

Laurie Styron, AIP AnalystIn this interview CharityWatch Analyst Laurie Styron explains that Defeat Diabetes Foundation receives an F rating for spending more on fundraising than on charitable programs. Watch Here.

CharityWatch Analyst Laurie Styron reveals the high fundraising costs of F rated group American Association of State Troopers. Watch Here.

Laurie Styron, AIP AnalystCharityWatch Analyst Laurie Styron speaks to Fox Tampa Bay's investigative news team about unusual fundraising expenditures at F rated Kids Wish Network. Watch Here.

F rated Children's Charity FundIn this video clip, CharityWatch Analyst Laurie Styron informs Fox Tampa Bay that the CharityWatch F rated group, Children's Charity Fund, also known as A Child's Wish Foundation, has not kept its promise to become a more efficient charity. Watch Here.

Daniel Borochoff, AIP PresidentOn CNBC, CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff debunks the idea that pledges by billionaires, such as Gates and Buffett, to give half of their wealth to charity would somehow hurt the economy. Watch Here.


Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion of April 20, 2010 has resulted in the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Millions of gallons of oil have polluted the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal ecosystems and the fish, birds and people that depend on these formerly pristine areas for their livelihoods have been seriously harmed. What to consider before donating to help.

Daniel Borochoff, CharityWatch president, informed a national news investigation revealing Feed the Children's false claims related to Haiti relief. For more information on recent and past controversies involving Feed the Children, read these articles.

Help victims of Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Relief Five years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated Gulf coast communities, Daniel Borochoff marked the anniversary by calling attention to top-rated charities still serving victims of those disasters.

See CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff's testimony before Congress about charities' response to Hurricane Katrina. His testimony begins one hour and forty-eight minutes into the two and a half hour video. Or read the written transcript of Mr. Borochoff's testimony.


Help provide relief to victims of Chile's earthquake.
The 8.8 magnitude Chilean quake on February 27th has left hundreds dead, and more than a million displaced. Find out how you can help.


Listen to a Radio BroadcastNPR's Talk of the Nation featured CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff discussing Reliable Ways to Donate Money to Haiti Effort. Click on the link to listen, or read a transcript of the conversation.
On the African-American Public Radio Consortium's UpFront with Tony Cox, Mr. Borochoff offers guidance for donating to Charities for Haiti Relief. To listen, follow the link and click on the first item in the radio player on the left side of the page.


Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to two radio interviews featuring CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff. As a guest on NPR's Tell Me More, Mr. Borochoff discusses Making The Most Of Charitable Dollars. On the BBC's Business Daily Charities Under Pressure Mr. Borochoff offers insight as to how the economic downturn is impacting the work of charities.

CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff discusses on national TV the charity fallout from the Madoff Ponzi scheme and precautions donors can take when considering donating to charities that may be holding highly risky and even fraudulent investments. Watch Here.


Help Your Fellow Americans During This Time of Economic Crisis
As the unemployment rate and home foreclosures remain high, more Americans are suffering from homelessness, hunger, drug and alcohol abuse, and other issues. During this time of heightened need, it is more important than ever to lend a hand to your neighbors. Find out how you can help.

Help Provide Relief for the People of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has left over 1 million people displaced. With militiamen burning down some of the temporary housing, many are going without food and shelter as they attempt to avoid the worst areas of conflict. As the crisis worsens, humanitarian organizations are stepping in to provide assistance to the victims of this catastrophe. See the CharityWatch list of Top-Rated organizations providing relief in the DRC to find out how you can help.

Help with humanitarian crises in Darfur Help with Sudan Refugee Relief. The growing international attention to the crisis in Darfur has failed to alleviate the large-scale violence. The janjaweed militias continue to terrorize civilians and underfunded African Union troops have been unable to maintain peace. Up to 3 million people have been displaced since the fighting began in 2003.

F Rated Charities Awarded Best in America Seal
Ubiquitous on charity web sites is a ribbon-style seal that in large type reads "BEST IN AMERICA," features five stars across the top edge, and indicates that the charity awarded the seal is "certified by Independent Charities of America" (ICA). Many donors may view such a seal as a reflection of how efficiently a particular charity will use their donations, and assume that it represents an independent endorsement of a charity from an outside organization. While ICA may refer to its member charities as "Best in America," some donors may be disappointed to learn that ICA is funded by the very charities that use its seal, and that ICA generally does not screen charities for financial efficiency. Read more...

Help Provide Relief for the People of Afghanistan
Thirty years of war have left Afghanistan one of the least developed and most dangerous countries in the world, and yet a recent study shows that some 40 percent of reconstruction and relief assistance provided since 2001 has been returned to donor countries in the form of corporate profits and consultant salaries. See the CharityWatch list of Top-Rated charities providing relief in Afghanistan to find out how you can help.

CharityWatch Efforts to Hold Veterans Charities Accountable Featured on National Network TV


Watch TV Coverage of CharityWatch's F Rating of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation or read the story here.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff Discuss Veterans Charities on Internet Radio
(click on link, then scroll down to "Knowing Where Your Charity Money Goes").

Help with humanitarian crises in Iraq Iraq Crisis The best way to help in the war's aftermath.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to the NPR segment about the usefulness of the Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Why the American Red Cross is not telling the full story when it says its Disaster Relief Fund is depleted. Listen to CharityWatch president discuss this issue on NPR. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Watch CharityWatch president’s speech on how to watchdog charities at Society of Professional Journalists’ 2005 National Conference. (Requires Quick Time .)

AIP's Method Better Judges Charity EfficiencyNot all charity watchdogs are the same: Read more about how CharityWatch Method Better Judges Charity Efficiency: Why Oxfam Compares Better and UNICEF Worse.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to CharityWatch president discuss giving to poor and needy Americans, who have become more visible in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. You will need to slide the knob for the time to about 23:45 to hear the interview. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.) Interview by Maureen Fiedler of Interfaith Voices.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast
Listen to CharityWatch president discuss on NPR how to make sure your donation really reaches tsunami victims. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Listen to a Radio Broadcast
Listen to the NPR broadcast of CharityWatch president discussing The Good and the Bad of Giving on NPR. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Help with humanitarian crises in Uganda
Neglected Humanitarian Crisis in Uganda Refugees in Northern Uganda are dying at an alarming rate: the best way to help.

Supreme Court rules in case against telemarketer of CharityWatch “F” rated charity.
Supreme Court rules unanimously that state regulators can charge fundraisers with fraud if they intentionally deceive donors.
See upcoming Charity Rating Guide for latest developments.

CharityWatch president's congressional testimony on the charities’ response to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Should we hand out cash to people on the street? Listen to some pros and cons on NPR segment with “Mr. Dollars” and AIP’s president. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Listen to a Radio Broadcast
Listen to the NPR broadcast with CharityWatch president Daniel Borochoff discussing how to avoid the pitfalls and traps in your giving.
(Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to comments from CharityWatch during an NPR radio discussion concerning emergency relief and charity.
(Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)


This informative hour-long video, filmed in November 2001, is an in-depth discussion regarding charity accountability in the wake of 9/11 terrorist attacks. These tips are relevant for donors wanting to give in response to any disaster.

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to comments from CharityWatch during an NPR radio discussion concerning charities’ response to the 9/11 terrorist attack. (Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)

Listen to a Radio Broadcast Listen to the NPR broadcast about how CharityWatch's scrutiny and aggressive advocacy for the donating public is making some charities very uncomfortable.
(Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.)
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