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Issued September 2018

CharityWatch Analysts perform an in-depth analysis of charities' audited financial statements and IRS tax filings, and often review other documents such as state filings, annual reports, and fundraising contracts during their evaluations. Below are select notes that CharityWatch believes may be of interest to donors.

Any time an Analysts' Note refers to a charity's Audited Financial Statements or IRS tax form, CharityWatch encourages interested donors to obtain a copy of the referenced documents so that they may view the information in context. Please contact the charity directly to request a copy of any referenced document. Charity tax forms and audits may also be obtained from a number of online databases. For a list of sources, please visit our LINKS page.

Mennonite Central Committee U.S. is not required to file an annual return (Form 990) with the IRS or state charity regulators because it is a religious organization. CharityWatch is therefore unable to provide salary information for this group.

CharityWatch's letter grade rating of Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) is based on the MCC U.S. consolidated financial audit for the fiscal year-ended March 31, 2018.
CharityWatch's rating of Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) includes the financial activities of all of the entities included in the MCC U.S. consolidated audit for the fiscal year-ended March 31, 2018. This includes the accounts of MCC U.S., as well as the following: Mennonite Central Committee East Coast; Mennonite Central Committee Central States, Inc.; Mennonite Central Committee Great Lakes, Inc.; and West Coast Mennonite Central Committee, Inc.

The consolidated audit also includes MCC U.S.'s "share of assets, liabilities and activities of the international operations as outlined by the covenant between MCC U.S. and Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCCC)."

All material interorganizational transactions have been eliminated in the consolidated audit.

According to the MCC U.S. fiscal 2018 consolidated audit (Note 1):

"Effective April 1, 2012, MCCC [MCC Canada] and MCC U.S. entered into a covenant to share the operations and all related assets including property, relationships, reputation, knowledge, experience and supporting systems of the MCC international programs (internally referred to as Shared Program). It is intended that the share that each national entity owns under this arrangement in each country program will be an undivided share.

"Both MCCC and MCC U.S. have agreed to collaborate and work together in the operation of the shared program so that it will be seen as one integrated MCC shared program. This commitment does not preclude either entity from agreeing occasionally to fund and manage on its own an entire project or an entire country program. In addition to the international program, MCCC and MCC U.S. agreed to resource and manage other programs on a shared basis."
According to the Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) consolidated audit of March 31, 2018 (Note 1):

"Much of the Organization's support comes from a variety of generous individuals and churches. MCC U.S. is strongly supported by Mennonite, Brethren in Christ and Amish communities of faith, as well as by many churches and individuals who are not Anabaptist. MCC U.S. thrift shops and relief sales...together provided approximately 24% ($9,687,497) and 32% ($10,922,336) of the Organization's total revenue for the years ended 2018 and 2017, respectively. Volunteer-initiated events from bike rides to bake sales provide consistent ongoing financial support..."
According to the Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) audited Consolidated Statement of Activities for the year ended March 31, 2018, MCC U.S. received material resources donated in-kind on which it placed a value of $3,913,397.

According to the MCC U.S. fiscal 2018 consolidated audit (Note 1): "Gifts in kind include donations of items such as school, relief and health kits, blankets and other material aid."

[Note: CharityWatch generally excludes the value of in-kind (non-cash) donations of goods and services from its calculations of Program % and Cost to Raise $100. More information on how grades are calculated and the treatment of in-kind donations can be found by clicking on "About CharityWatch" from the navigation bar and then clicking on "Criteria & Methodology".]
According to the Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) consolidated audit of March 31, 2018 (Note 14, Related Parties):

"The Organization [MCC U.S.] is named in Ten Thousand Villages' (TTV) adopted restated bylaws effective October 29, 2016, whereby the number of Mennonite Central Committee U.S. appointed representatives shall at all times be one (1) less than a majority of the then current number of directors of TTV.

"TTV has entered into an agreement with the Organization whereby the Organization guarantees TTV's bank line of credit and mortgage loans, which were entered into in January 2017. The Organization is committed to the sustainable livelihoods of artisans who produce the TTV's products, as well as the long-term stewardship of their constituency's investment in significant amounts of volunteer and financial resources in support of the ministries of the Organization and TTV.

"As of March 31, 2018, MCC U.S. is contingently liable as guarantor with respect to $10,221,387 of indebtedness of TTV. At any time, should TTV fail to pay debt payments when due, MCC U.S. will be obligated to perform under the guarantee by primarily making the required payments, including late fees and penalties. The maximum potential amount of future payments that the Company is required to make under the guarantee is $13,920,188. TTV is current with their debt payments at March 31, 2018... As of February 2018, TTV has consented to the execution of a contingent mortgage to secure its obligation to MCC U.S. arising from MCC U.S.'s guarantee of payment or performance of TTV's obligations to Fulton Bank."


"During 2017, MCC U.S. provided a grant to TTV totaling $100,000 to assist with the revolving loan fund for contract stores."

[According to the Ten Thousand Villages website (as of September 12, 2018), Mennonite Central Committee is listed as a "Partner" of TTV. The mission of TTV is: "We create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relations."]

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