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Charitable Giving Via Your Cell Phone: Is the Convenience Worth It?

Text messages, brief digital notes sent to and from mobile phones, have gotten a lot of attention this year as a fast and easy new way to donate money to charities. Given the growing popularity of giving via text, it is worthwhile to consider how text donations work and to think about potential pitfalls before getting swept up in the trend.

Cancer Charities Need Dose of Organizational Chemotherapy

Over 40% of people born today will get cancer during their lifetime based on current rates of cancer incidence, according to the government's National Cancer Institute. Nearly everyone has had a loved one or friend touched by cancer. Americans are very sympathetic with cancer sufferers and generously open their pocketbooks to solicitors raising money for many types of cancer research, prevention education and patient care. It is sad that cancer charities, one of the most serious and popular giving categories, perform so poorly...

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