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Long Running Family Charity Scheme Exposed

Unfortunately for most of us, we have been touched personally by cancer in some way. That makes it all the more shameful when bad actors in the charity world mislead good-intentioned donors under the ruse of helping cancer patients, only to turn the misfortune of others into a great fortune for themselves and for-profit fundraisers. Four such cancer charities with a history of "F" grades from CharityWatch finally have been sued in a nationwide regulatory action. Cancer Fund of America (CFA), Cancer Support Services (CSS), Children's Cancer Fund of America (CCFOA), and The Breast Cancer Society (BCS), as well as certain of their leaders, now have the dubious honor of being defendants in the first jointly filed lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), all 50 states, and the District of Columbia alleging deceptive solicitations by charities.

The Connected World of Charitable Fundraising

You open your mailbox one morning and there inside is a letter from a charity asking for your support. You read it and are inspired to donate, writing out a modest check and popping it in the mail. You feel good knowing that you sacrificed something to support a cause you think is important. But then, within a couple months' time, you notice that your mailbox is no longer large enough for the shocking uptick in letters you are receiving.

CharityWatch Hall of Shame

The most important lesson to be learned from the following colorful stories of charity scoundrels is that regardless of how distinguished, well-connected and honored a charity leader is, he is only human and may be tempted to use the power and influence of his position to abuse the public's trust and thusly become the next member of the CharityWatch Hall of Shame.

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FTC, D.C. and all 50 States Take Action Against F Rated Cancer Charities

Four charities which have consistently earned F ratings from CharityWatch, Cancer Fund of America (CFA), Cancer Support Services (CSS) (an affiliate of CFA), Children’s Cancer Fund of America (CCFOA), and Breast Cancer Society (BCS), have been charged with bilking $187 million from donors in four years. Charges are being pressed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 58 law enforcement partners from every state and the District of Columbia, in one of the largest legal actions to date against charity fraud.

Update By order of a settlement announced March 30, 2016, CFA and CSS will be permanently dissolved. CCFOA and BCS settled in May 2015 and are in the process of being dissolved. Additionally, the individual defendants named in the May 2015 action have been banned from charity work for life under the respective settlement orders. The March 2016 settlement concludes the largest joint enforcement action ever undertaken by the FTC and state charity regulators.

The CharityWatch Hall of Shame now features defendant James Reynolds, Sr. and 24 of his family members for their web of deceitful charities. Our article Long Running Family Charity Scheme Exposed goes into more detail.

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