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Our Veterans Deserve Better - Congressional Testimony

Americans, whether or not they favor our military's involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan or other conflicts, care deeply about the plight of our nation's wounded veterans. We want to do something to help our brave wounded warriors. Unfortunately, too many charities are taking advantage of this and getting away with wasting millions of dollars of contributions that were intended to help veterans.

Supreme Court Rules that Fundraisers Who Don't Lie Can Pocket 85% of Donations

Learning the skills of an unethical fundraiser can start early in life: Little Freddie finishes a big piece of chocolate cake. Wanting more and knowing his mom won't allow it, he shrewdly asks her if he can bring some cake next door for his friend Donny. Mom readily agrees and while handing Freddie the piece of cake she praises him for his generosity. As soon as mom walks out of view, Freddie devours most of the cake but is careful to leave a few crumbs to bring to his friend.

Our Veterans Deserve Better from America's Charities

With over 20,000 Americans wounded in the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and as many as 200,000 homeless veterans which account for one-third of the adult homeless population, veterans and military charities need to accomplish as much as they can with our donations.

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‘Operation Donate with Honor’ – the FTC, 54 Attorneys General and 16 State Agencies Join Forces to Target Deceptive Fundraising for Veterans Causes

In an effort to "crackdown on fraudulent charities that con consumers by falsely promising their donations will help veterans and servicemembers," the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with law enforcement officials and charity regulators from 70 offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico, announced more than 100 actions and a consumer education initiative called "Operation Donate with Honor." The July 19th, 2018 announcement by the FTC describes that "[o]ne striking feature of the more than 100 actions … is the breadth of the alleged illegality."

A number of Veterans & Military charities that have received “F” ratings from CharityWatch are included in the “Operation Donate with Honor” enforcement actions, including Foundation for American VeteransHealing Heroes NetworkHelp the Vets, and VietNow National Headquarters.

Veterans Charity Shut Down: 'Did Virtually Nothing for Veterans'

"For years VietNow has scammed donations from people who thought their money would be used to support necessary services for our military veterans. Instead, VietNow pocketed donations and did virtually nothing for veterans. Today’s settlement finally will put an end to VietNow’s egregious fraud," said the Attorney General of Illinois in a November 6th, 2017 press release. The Illinois AG’s release announced a settlement led by Illinois, California, Michigan and Ohio, and joined by 20 other states, to dissolve VietNow National Headquarters (VietNow).

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