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Afghanistan Earthquake: Top-Rated Charities

   Oct 09, 2023

CharityWatch announces a list of legitimate, efficient, and accountable charities involved in efforts to aid and assist the people of Afghanistan after 6.3 – magnitude earthquake.


On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, an earthquake struck Afghanistan in the western province of Herat. Multiple villages have been destroyed and upwards of 600 families have been displaced. It is estimated that as of October 8th, 2023, 1000-3000 people have died and several more injured as a result of the disaster.


Top Rated Charities

Doctors Without Borders supports Herat Regional Hospital and manages the facility’s pediatric section, which includes triage, the emergency room, inpatient and ambulatory therapeutic feeding centers, a pediatric intensive care unit, and an intermediate care unit.   “When the first earthquake hit this morning, our teams rushed to evacuate all the children who were admitted, many in critical condition, from the pediatric inpatient wards of the hospital, which are run by MSF,” said Lisa Macheiner, MSF project coordinator in Herat. “This was as a precautionary measure in case aftershocks damaged the building. The facility was not affected by the earthquake.


 CARE: In the wake of the earthquake, CARE in Afghanistan has immediately started to assess the needs of the affected communities and to provide emergency assistance by dispatching its mobile medical clinics and distributing dignity kits and blankets to women and girls affected by the earthquake.

To help children and families impacted by the quake, United States Fund for UNICEF has dispatched emergency hygiene kits containing essential items like bathing soap, laundry soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, bath towel, sanitary pads and more. As of Oct. 7th, 2023, UNICEF had already distributed 10,000 hygiene kits to earthquake-affected areas, along with blankets, basic household items, 1,500 sets of winter clothes and 10,000 tarpaulins for families who lost their homes. 

Mercy Corps has an active presence in Herat, and is assessing needs alongside partners. The agency is committed to responding in the weeks and months to come, addressing urgent water and sanitation needs, and providing cash support to help communities rebuild and recover. 

Donors Beware

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