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Boo! Don't Let Bad Charities Scare You Out of Donating

   Oct 28, 2022

Sometimes when a donor discovers that they have donated to an outright charity scam or to a nonprofit that did not use their donation the way they intended, they become jaded and stop donating to charity altogether. This is a shame. There are so many great charities doing vital work that are operating responsibly, efficiently, and effectively, and that really need our support. 

In our watchdog role, CharityWatch warns you about the charities that are not using your donations efficiently and directs you to Top-Rated charities in order to help you to give with more confidence. We bob for the bad apples and expose them so that they don't spoil the whole barrel! 

Good Riddance to these "F" rated charities that are fortunately no longer with us! 

Find a Top-Rated charity in a cause important to you that is worthy of your donations!

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