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Charity Checkout Donations 101

   Dec 27, 2022

KPRC2/Click2Houston recently interviewed CharityWatch executive director, Laurie Styron, about charity checkout donations. 

"If everything's above board, that store is really just acting like an agent...they're really just taking your money and then at some point in the future passing it on to the charity," CharityWatch executive director, Laurie Styron, told KPRC2/Click2Houston. 

"It really is important for you to do some research on your own as a donor," Styron continued. 

"You can do that research on CharityWatch where charities get an 'A' through 'F' rating, looking at several factors, including how they spend your donations," advised KPRC. 

Styron described CharityWatch's financial metrics, saying, "typically, top rated charities, they spend at least 75% of your donation on their programs and they keep their fundraising ratio down to about $25 or less to raise each $100 of public support."   

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