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CharityWatch gives Clinton Foundation an 'A' rating

   Aug 30, 2016

Listen to CharityWatch President, Daniel Borochoff, discuss the Clinton Foundation on NPR's On Point

Watch Daniel Borochoff discuss the Clinton Foundation and why it receives an "A" rating from CharityWatch in this CNN interview.

Also read Mr. Borochoff's comments in this CNN article: What is the Clinton Foundation and why is it controversial? 

[Note: Feed the Children (FTC) has a long history of being rated an "F" by CharityWatch, as referenced in the CNN interview, but its grade improved to a "D" based on its fiscal year 2014 operations. It is correct, as referenced, that FTC spent 42% of its cash budget on programs in fiscal 2014, according to CharityWatch's analysis. FTC's grade has since improved to a "C+"  based on its fiscal year 2017 operations, having spent 58% of its cash budget on programs.]

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