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Find The Best Charities This Hanukkah!

   Dec 12, 2022

Happy Hanukkah! 

Find a Top-Rated charity to donate to this holiday season. For those donors interested in supporting a charity in CharityWatch's Jewish & Israel category, please visit our list of Top-Rated charities in this category. A very happy holiday season to you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to give wisely!

"Obviously, there is a difference, and this is a big distinction for some people that they feel very passionate about making, is that Israel is a country, and people of the Jewish faith, or Jewish people throughout the world...throughout a large diaspora throughout the world, and the interests of a particular country politically are not necessarily always aligned with the people of a certain faith. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't...There are charities that focus specially in the country of Israel, and then there are other organizations that are affiliated with the Jewish faith and the Jewish community separately. And so that is something important to keep in mind. Especially for people who aren't Jewish who might conflate the two in ways that aren't necessarily fair if they disagree with some of the politics. So that's something to keep in mind."