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Good Riddance ‘F’ Rated Charities

   Jul 16, 2020
(Updated March 2, 2023) 
While it is often easy to find ubiquitous amounts of information online and in marketing materials praising a nonprofit’s good deeds and low overhead costs, negative information warning donors about highly inefficient or unethical charities is not as easy to come by. CharityWatch analysts collectively spend more than 1,000 hours each year analyzing and reporting on the financial waste and questionable practices we uncover during our research and evaluations. We warn donors about inefficient charities by publicizing "F" ratings of these organizations often years before they are shut down by a governmental body, called out by a media outlet, or flagged by less vigilant sources of charity information. These "F" rated charities are thankfully no longer with us. Some were forcibly shut down, while others simply petered out or ceased fundraising in the face of bad press, costly lawsuits, or dwindling donations. We at CharityWatch hope that our "F" ratings and other reporting helped you to avoid donating to these organizations while they were still with us.

Good Riddance:

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