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No Guarantee From Housing Nonprofit That Self-Help Homes Are "Habitable"

   Oct 05, 2022

“'This organization really has a responsibility to the general public to hold itself accountable and to answer the questions that people have...Why haven’t these issues been rectified?'" —  CharityWatch Executive Director, Laurie Styron, talks to KUTV about structural integrity concerns with homes built through a Provo, Utah nonprofit, Self-Help Homes.

"Styron analyzed Self-Help Homes’ financial statements which show the non-profit has nearly five years' worth of operating expenses in the bank. And most of their assets are reported as having no restrictions on spending them," KUTV reported. 

“'Meaning, that if this charity decided that it wanted to help past grant recipients rectify some of these issues that they’re having with their housing...I don’t see anything in the financial reporting that would prevent them from choosing to do that,' Styron told KUTV. 

"So why doesn't Self-Help Homes do something to help? 2News Investigates combed through the contract. While it states Self-Help Homes is responsible for ensuring the houses are built to code and building industry standards, it also states clients must accept the homes 'as-is' – with no warranty they're even habitable or functional."

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