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Reactive Donors Make Mistakes

   Nov 30, 2022

CharityWatch Executive Director, Laurie Styron, is consulted by Erie News Now for her advice on avoiding scams and inefficient charities on Giving Tuesday and throughout the holiday giving season. 

"Styron says the best advice she can give to avoid charity scams, especially during the holidays, is to be proactive. 'Be proactive because when we're reactive, we make mistakes. The number one reason people donate is because they're asked. But when you're asked and you're put on the spot, a lot of us have trouble saying no,' said Styron."


"'We have a list of Top-Rated charities organized by cause. If you want to support animals or veterans or breast cancer research, you can come to our site and find an efficient organization working in a cause that's important to you and direct your donation there,' said Styron. 'If you're going to hand over money that could otherwise be spent on a fancy vacation or presents for your kids or grandkids, if you're going to hand that over to a charity instead, you want it to actually accomplish something,' Styron added. 


"Styron recommends doing some homework by checking the rating of a charity to ensure your donation will go where it should." 


"'All charities, even the best organizations, are going to be under some strain to cover increasing overhead costs and even more expensive program cost,' said Styron. If you are someone who is in a position to give a little bit more this year, I would encourage you to be generous because there is a lot more need out there than there are resources to fulfill them,' she added."