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The Brett Favre Charity Controversy: Charities Are Not Piggy Banks For The Pet Projects of Their Founders

   Sep 29, 2022

"Founding a charity to purportedly help breast cancer patients and underserved and disabled children, and then using it instead as a vehicle to funnel funds to a volleyball facility that exploits the tragedies of other human beings for the benefit of the extremely privileged--It's morally reprehensible," CharityWatch executive director, Laurie Styron, told ESPN in reaction to the Brett Favre charity controversy. (See video below)

Styron communicated with ESPN previously (on September 28th, 2022), saying, "If the charity told donors it was raising money for breast cancer but then spends the resulting donations on an athletic facility, the people running the organization are not fulfilling their obligations to spend the nonprofit's donations the way its donors intended." She went on to say, "Charities are not personal piggy banks for their founders to tap into for pet projects. Celebrity athletes don't get a free pass, and if anything, should feel more of a personal obligation to set a good example by operating not only legally within the rules, but ethically so."