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This Charity May Not Use Your Donation for 19 Years!

   Feb 03, 2023

A nonprofit soliciting you for donations often includes language in its fundraising materials describing the programs your donations will support if you choose to give. What some nonprofits may fail to tell you, however, is that your donation may not be used for 3, 9, 15, or even 19 years or more after you donate! This is decision-critical information for donors who want their donations to address current problems and to support the needs of animals, children, veterans, social justice issues, and other causes that they care about today.


Unlike for-profit businesses, charities do not exist for the purpose of accumulating assets and turning profits to enrich their shareholders. When judging and comparing a nonprofit's financial stability, it is not the case that the one with the most assets is the one most worthy of your donations.


CharityWatch believes it is reasonable for a nonprofit to set aside less than three years’ worth its annual budget for financial stability and possible future needs. When a nonprofit’s available assets in reserve exceeds three years’ worth its annual cash budget, CharityWatch downgrades its final letter grade rating. However, for those donors who do not wish to factor a nonprofit’s high assets into their giving decisions, we continue to show what its financial efficiency rating was prior to being downgraded, as well as its Program % and Cost to Raise $100 fundraising efficiency, which are calculated independently of its years of available assets.  

The Years of Available Assets column in the Large Asset Reserves chart, below, reflects how many years a particular nonprofit could continue to operate at the cash spending levels reflected in its rating year without raising another penny of revenue. For example, Negative Population Growth, which tops the chart, could continue to operate at its 2021 annual cash spending level for 19 years without raising another penny of donations or other revenue; Miracle Flights for 16.1 years; and American Bible Society for 7.4 years. 

Giving is a fixed pie, remaining steady at about 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) since the mid-twentieth century. Because charitable dollars are limited and society's needs are not, it is vital that nonprofits do not hoard the funds that they raise. There are often dozens of nonprofits conducting programs for a particular cause, such as cancer research, animal welfare and rescue, or assisting the blind. When a few nonprofits working in any particular cause stockpile donations for possible future use, this means these dollars are not available to be used by other nonprofits working in that same cause that could put these resources to use today. Of course, it is ultimately in the hands of each donor to decide if a charity's years of available assets impacts their judgment about its need or worthiness to receive additional donations in the present. 

CharityWatch updates our charity ratings and other data continuously throughout the year. The below chart reflects CharityWatch's data only through February 2nd, 2023. For our most up-to-date information please visit our list of High Asset Charities

CharityFiscal YearProgram %Cost to
Raise $100
Years of
Available Assets
Net Assets
Negative Population Growth12/31/202171%$419.0$21,883,631A-F
Research to Prevent Blindness12/31/202094%$218.0$291,166,944A+F
Air Force Aid Society12/31/201984%$1417.3$210,490,016AF
Miracle Flights04/30/202151%$4816.1$46,358,687DF
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights12/31/201961%$2015.0$50,211,020B-F
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation12/31/201984%$2911.7$4,236,708,832B+F
Army Emergency Relief12/31/201992%$710.3$340,538,034A+F
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust12/31/202194%$110.0$52,521,695A+F
Carter Center08/31/202181%$129.9$1,240,836,256AF
Special Operations Warrior Foundation12/31/201985%$99.8$99,320,477AF
American Action Fund for Blind Children & Adults12/31/202057%$479.6$36,676,432C-F
Shriners Hospitals for Children12/31/202076%$199.4$10,358,789,000A-F
Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee12/31/202183%$19.3$80,296,032AF
Seeing Eye09/30/201981%$229.0$294,435,000A-F
Guide Dogs for the Blind06/30/201979%$228.3$409,957,000B+F
Cal Farley's Boys Ranch & Affiliates09/30/202067%$478.3$479,206,457CF
American Bible Society06/30/202171%$377.4$769,187,953B-F
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice12/31/202077%$147.3$5,959,872A-F
Southern Poverty Law Center10/31/202168%$207.3$769,727,566BF
Navy SEAL Foundation12/31/202089%$36.8$113,459,001AF
Hole in the Wall Gang Fund11/30/201976%$196.7$112,234,039A-F
Omaha Home for Boys12/31/202072%$396.6$85,266,253B-F
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation06/30/202187%$126.6$143,018,485AF
YWCA USA (National Office)06/30/202080%$96.3$69,610,312AF
Southern Environmental Law Center03/31/202187%$56.1$182,398,657AF
Front Range Equine Rescue12/31/202057%$246.0$6,584,313C+F
Blinded Veterans Association06/30/202138%$326.0$12,398,951DF
National Alliance to End Homelessness12/31/202184%$35.9$25,637,419AF
Guide Dogs of America06/30/201983%$75.9$45,956,030AF
Judicial Watch12/31/202127%$345.5$312,110,219FF
Jewish National Fund09/30/202184%$75.4$475,968,397AF
Braille Institute of America06/30/201970%$415.1$182,812,333C+F
Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund06/30/202181%$14.9$8,847,258AC
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society12/31/202082%$54.7$123,155,057AC
Alzheimer's Foundation of America12/31/202083%$64.7$31,053,095AC
Freedom Alliance12/31/201971%$334.7$38,937,429B-D
Fresh Air Fund09/30/201973%$304.5$134,249,594BC-
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation06/30/202067%$214.2$116,919,549B-C-
Smile Train06/30/201958%$363.9$338,210,502CD
Redwings Horse Sanctuary05/31/202044%$133.9$6,548,282DD
Ploughshares Fund06/30/202177%$193.8$33,426,951A-C+
Seva Foundation06/30/202075%$173.8$36,732,384A-C+
Children's Inn at NIH06/30/201966%$333.8$61,373,929B-C-
Ms. Foundation for Women06/30/202173%$63.7$66,508,543A-C+
Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)12/31/201985%$33.7$20,435,501AC+
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital06/30/202166%$183.7$8,973,553,000BC
National Urban League (National Office)12/31/202179%$73.6$292,181,521A-C+
Boys Town12/31/202081%$453.6$1,547,568,000B-C
Brookings Institution06/30/202076%$53.6$435,964,000A-C+
Foundation Fighting Blindness06/30/202071%$233.6$155,869,948BC
Appalachian Mountain Club12/31/202082%$183.6$172,047,686A-C+
Resources for the Future09/30/201978%$323.6$57,192,198BC
Animal Welfare Institute06/30/202190%$13.5$19,531,426A+B-
National Police Defense Foundation06/30/201950%$363.5$2,578,292C-D
National Anti-Vivisection Society06/30/202066%$193.4$8,144,897BC
Pacific Legal Foundation06/30/202076%$163.4$60,258,878A-C+
Native American Rights Fund09/30/201965%$333.4$44,426,252B-C
American Printing House for the Blind09/30/201980%$483.3$139,809,564B-C
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)12/31/202148%$473.3$498,646,842DD
Solar Cookers International (SCI)06/30/202279%$83.1$1,994,147A-B-
PKD Foundation06/30/202172%$133.0$22,549,669B+C+
National Trust for Historic Preservation06/30/202079%$103.0$325,370,041A-B-

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