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Today is Vaisakhi Day! Donate to CharityWatch Top-Rated Sikh Coalition

   Apr 14, 2023

Vaisakhi is a spring festival which happens on the 13 or 14 April every year. It is a day that celebrates the year 1699 when Sikhism was born as a collective faith. It is primarily seen as a celebration of the spring harvest in Northern India. While it is culturally known as the festival of spring in other parts of India. 
CharityWatch wishes those who celebrate the holiday a festive Vaisakhi Day!  
Please check out CharityWatch Top-Rated Sikh Coalition and consider making a donation in honor and celebration of Vaisakhi Day! 


Sikh Coalition works towards the realization of civil & human rights for all people. In particular, they work towards a world where Sikhs may freely practice & enjoy their faith while fostering strong relations with their local community wherever they may be. 

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