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Gift a CharityWatch Account to the Mom in Your Life This Mother's Day

   Apr 25, 2024

For the mom or other caregiver in your life who has everything, consider gifting a CharityWatch account. Help them avoid charity scams and wasteful nonprofits and make an impact with their donations.

Gift a CharityWatch Account, which includes access to in-depth ratings on hundreds of national charities, conducted by degreed accountants who “follow the cash” and help donors understand how their donations to charity are really being spent, and copies of our Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report, published twice per year. 

Did you know:

With a CharityWatch gift account, your recipient will receive our biannual Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report, published twice per year (if selected), and online access to all of our charity rating profiles, including:


·      A+ to F Ratings

·      Program % and Fundraising Efficiency Metrics

·      Executive Salaries & Other Compensation

·      Governance & Transparency Benchmarks

·      Detailed Analysts’ Notes

·      List of Financial Documents Analyzed for the Rating

·      Donor Privacy Policy Data