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Muslim Aid USA CharityWatch Rating

   Jul 25, 2023

CharityWatch is pleased to announce that we have recently added Muslim Aid USA to our charity ratings. 

CharityWatch analyzed Muslim Aid USA's audited financial statements and IRS tax Form 990 for the charity's fiscal year ended 12/31/2021.

CharityWatch assigned Muslim Aid USA a final rating of "A" on our "A+" to "F" rating scaleOur analysis concluded that Muslim Aid USA spent 88% of its cash expenses on programs and spent $4 to raise each $100 of cash support in fiscal 2021. 

Mission & Programs

The mission of Muslim Aid USA is to provide help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflicts, or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, discrimination, homelessness, debt, unemployment, injustice, lack of skills, or economic opportunity. 

Muslim Aid USA describes its programs in its fiscal 2021 tax filing in the following way:

"In 2021 muslim aid usa responded to various emergencies, natural and man- made in afghanistan, bosnia, pakistan, rohingya in bangladesh, somalia, syrian refugees in turkey, lebanon, palestine, and yemen. In palestine, mausa supported al-makassed hospital and the palestinian red crescent society to respond to urgent medical cases and emergencies through the provision of life-saving medical equipment and supplies and enhanced access of the community members to emergency health services in east jerusalem. More than four hundred thousand individuals benefited from this project. Mausa supported oxfam usa to improve access to wash services and promote healthier school environments in 19 public primary and secondary schools across the gaza strip by improving safe and equitable access of male and female school students including people with disabilities to basic wash services and covid-19 practices and protocols. Maus supported american near east refugee aid to improve the operational status of community facilities by producing safe, fresh, and sustainable sources of potable water through the installation of reverse osmosis (ro) units, to increase access to safe and clean potable water for over 22,370 beneficiaries and the staff of four community facilities. In rohingya, mausa constructed urgent transitional shelters for 115 families to improve the living conditions of rohingya families living in refugee camps in bangladesh and provided humanitarian assistance such as nutritional needs. Mausa also provided more than 1000 refugee families with ensured access to clean water. Mausa provided emergency relief to more than 1000 people in india, delhi, haryana, uttar pradesh, jammu & kashmir, who were affected by the covid-19 pandemic. The beneficiaries received life-saving medical help through the provision of oxygen and ambulance services. The project lifted the burden on relatives of people affected by covid who cannot access these services. Emergency relief was provided to covid-19 diagnosed patients to help save lives and reduce the risk of health complications. Wars bring devastation and desperate need. There is a shortage of life- saving medication, clean filtered water, and food in gaza. Most people are anxious to leave their homes to get food as they fear being bombed. In gaza-palestine, mausa provided food parcels to 1200 orphaned children, widows, and aggrieved families who have lost their homes, to help them have access to basic nutritional needs."

Is Muslim Aid USA a Top-Rated Charity?

Muslim Aid USA meets CharityWatch's benchmarks for financial efficiency, governance, and transparency based on our analysis of its fiscal 2021 audited financial statements and IRS Tax Form 990. It is a Top-Rated charity based on these benchmarks. 

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