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   Jun 08, 2022

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CharityWatch is the only independent charity watchdog organization in the United States. We don't crowdsource self-reported "impact" reports from the charities we are monitoring as an extension of their marketing strategies. We also don't ignore the many accounting tricks that charities use to make themselves appear to be operating more efficiently than they really are by automating our rating system and taking the financial reporting of thousands and thousands of charities at face value. 

Nonprofit trade associations play an important role in the nonprofit sector by providing much-needed advice and other resources directly to charities. However, they are not good resources for donors who are looking for objective, independent, and well-researched charity ratings and other critical information about the charities they are most interested in donating to. Charity trade associations promote the interests of the nonprofit sector, not the interests of donors. Charities that receive "D" and "F" ratings from CharityWatch, such as Feed the Children, Paws for Purple Hearts, and Mutts With a Mission, often receive high marks for financial efficiency and governance in the online databases of industry insiders who are unmotivated to speak critically about the charities whose interests they really serve. 

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