Can You Spot Nonprofit Accounting Tricks?

Posted on June 20, 2016

Barron’s is urging donors “to be as rigorous in vetting nonprofits for accounting chicanery as you are with public companies trading on the stock exchanges.” Since nonprofits have the room to use "some fast accounting moves," it's up to donors "to ferret out such bad accounting practices.” CharityWatch helps donors see through nonprofit “accounting tricks.”

Barron’s unveils how CharityWatch’s ratings for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), AMVETS National Service Foundation, and Planet Aid provide donors with a more complete picture of how those charities use donor dollars. Barron’s also notes that CharityWatch “has warned in advance of coming scandals at Feed the Children, Central Asia Institute, and Wounded Warrior Project.”

(Illustration credit: Brad Yeo for Barron's)


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