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Issued January 2018

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CharityWatch Ratings Bridge the Knowledge Gap between Donors and GAAP Reporting

What do you know about GAAP? Unless you are knowledgeable about accounting, probably very little. GAAP is short for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Sounds like boring stuff you don't need to know about, right? Well, that might be true for the most part, but it is important that you know enough about what GAAP is so that you don't get faked out by people or groups that would rather you not have the truth about certain charities.

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Hurricane Matthew Relief

CharityWatch announces a list of highly efficient and accountable charities involved in efforts to provide emergency relief and humanitarian assistance to Hurricane Matthew victims.

Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic in more than a decade. It has left hundreds dead in Haiti where thousands still live in camps six years after the devastating earthquake that killed over 300,000 and left over 1.5 million homeless and four years after it was hit by Hurricane Sandy. The full extent of Matthew's possible destruction in the United States is not yet known.

CharityWatch gives Clinton Foundation an 'A' rating

Listen to CharityWatch President, Daniel Borochoff, discuss the Clinton Foundation on NPR's On Point

Watch Daniel Borochoff discuss the Clinton Foundation and why it receives an "A" rating from CharityWatch in this CNN interview.

Also read Mr. Borochoff's comments in this CNN article: What is the Clinton Foundation and why is it controversial? 

[Note: Feed the Children (FTC) has a long history of being rated an "F" by CharityWatch, as referenced in the CNN interview, but its grade improved to a "D" based on its fiscal year 2014 operations. It is correct, as referenced, that FTC spent 42% of its cash budget on programs in fiscal 2014, according to CharityWatch's analysis. FTC's grade has since improved to a "C+"  based on its fiscal year 2017 operations, having spent 58% of its cash budget on programs.]


Supporting Children in Afghanistan and Pakistan

CharityWatch announces this list of highly efficient charities currently involved in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

CharityWatch announces its top-rated list of charities involved in continuing Haitian relief efforts following the 2010 earthquake and the ongoing cholera epidemic.

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