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Carter Center

CharityWatch report issued
October 2022

CharityWatch Grade
This rating has been downgraded from A due to the charity having 9.9 years worth of available assets in reserve.
Program Percentage
Amount spent on programs
relative to overhead.
Cost to Raise $100
Amount spent to raise
$100 of contributions.

Large Asset Reserves

CharityWatch reduces the grade of any charity that has available assets equal to three to five years of operating expenses. Charities with "years of available assets" of more than five years receive an "F" grade regardless of other measurements. In CharityWatch's view, a reserve of less than three years is reasonable and does not affect a charity's grade. These reductions in grades are based solely on the charities' asset reserves as compared to budget. The CharityWatch definition of "years of available assets" includes funds currently available for the charity's use, including investments that the charity has set aside as a reserve but could choose to spend if it wanted to do so. Carter Center's letter grade rating has been downgraded because it has 3 or more years of available assets.

See Our Process to learn more about how CharityWatch considers a charity’s asset reserves and the High Asset List for a list of charities whose ratings have been reduced due to high assets.

Contact Information

Carter Center
453 John Lewis Freedom Parkway
One Copenhill
Atlanta, GA 30307-1496

Other Names


Tax Status


Stated Mission

Committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering.

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Data based on Fiscal Year Ended 08/31/2021

Program Percentage: 81%

The percentage of Carter Center's cash budget it spends on programs relative to overhead (fundraising, management, and general expenses).


Calculated Total Expenses



Cost to Raise $100: $12

How many dollars Carter Center spends on fundraising to raise each $100 of contributions.


Calculated Total Contributions


Government Funding

0% to 24%

Percentage of cash revenue
coming from government sources


Financial Documents

Entity Document Type Tax ID
The Carter Center IRS Form 990 58-1454716
The Carter Center Collaborative IRS Form 990 20-5704991
The Carter Center & Subsidiary Audited Consolidated Financial Statements multiple
Entity: The Carter Center
Document Type: IRS Form 990
Tax ID: 58-1454716
Entity: The Carter Center Collaborative
Document Type: IRS Form 990
Tax ID: 20-5704991
Entity: The Carter Center & Subsidiary
Document Type: Audited Consolidated Financial Statements
Tax ID: multiple

Governance & Transparency

CharityWatch evaluates certain criteria related to a charity's Governance and Transparency. Donors may want to consider a charity's willingness to be open and transparent with CharityWatch to be a good litmus test for determining its commitment to public accountability.
Carter Center
meets governance benchmarks.
Carter Center
meets transparency benchmarks.
Provides Financial Information
Audit Accessibility
Governance: Policies
Reports regularly & consistently monitoring & enforcing compliance with a written Conflict of Interest Policy
Reports required, annual disclosure by officers, directors, and key staff of interests that could give rise to conflicts
Reports having a written Whistleblower Policy
Reports having a written Document Retention and Destruction Policy
Governance: Financials
Reports providing copy of tax form to all board members prior to filing it with IRS
Reports that financial statements were audited by an independent accountant
Governance: Board of Directors
Reports at least 5 voting board members
51% or more of voting board members reported as independent
Reports documenting minutes of board and board committee meetings
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Opt-Out Policy  

  Name Title Compensation
1 Mary Ann Peters Past CEO $414,095
2 Craig Withers VP, Overseas Operations $296,805
3 Phillip J. Wise, Jr. VP, Operations $281,638
Name: Mary Ann Peters
Title: Past CEO
Compensation: $414,095
Name: Craig Withers
Title: VP, Overseas Operations
Compensation: $296,805
Name: Phillip J. Wise, Jr.
Title: VP, Operations
Compensation: $281,638

CharityWatch Analysts perform an in-depth analysis of charities' audited financial statements and IRS tax filings, and often review other documents such as state filings, annual reports, and fundraising contracts during their evaluations. Below are select notes that CharityWatch believes may be of interest to donors.

According to The Carter Center consolidated audit of August 31, 2021 (Note 9, In-Kind Gifts), the Center received in-kind donated goods and services in fiscal 2021 on which it placed a total value of $204,450,299. Of this total, $203,860,578 consisted of donated medication.

[Note: CharityWatch generally excludes the value of in-kind (non-cash) donations of goods and services from its calculations of Program % and Cost to Raise $100. More information on how grades are calculated and the treatment of in-kind donations can be found on the Our Process page.]

According to The Carter Center consolidated audit of August 31, 2021 (Note 14, Related-Party Transactions):

"Emory University provides certain administrative functions to the Center, including, but not limited to, payroll administration, investment management, information technology, and legal services. The Center paid Emory University $638,557 during both the years ended August 31, 2021 and 2020, respectively, for the provision of these services.

"Emory University made unrestricted contributions to the Center of $753,904 and $753,911, respectively, for the years ended August 31, 2021 and 2020. In addition, CCEU [Carter Center of Emory University, a department of EU] made unrestricted contributions to CCI [the Center], primarily related to endowment earnings at CCEU, of $468,592 during each of the years ended August 31, 2021 and 2020, respectively."

Additionally, according to The Carter Center tax filing for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2021, the Center reports for Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons, a transaction involving Rebecca Carter, the "spouse of child of board member," in the amount of $146,672 for employee compensation (IRS Form 990, Schedule L, Parts IV and V).

According to The Carter Center consolidated audit of August 31, 2021 (Note 2(p) re: COVID-19):

"The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has affected many of the countries in which the Center operates. Starting in March 2020, interruptions in business and government operations in these countries have impacted the Center's planned programming to varying degrees based on the nature of each program. Travel has been severely limited both internationally and within each country.

"The Center has taken strong measures to protect its staff, program partners and beneficiaries from the effects of COVID-19, including office closures, required social distancing, adherence to local government requirements, and other general health and safety measures.

"Institutional donors have played an important role by granting the Center increased flexibility with their awards through time extensions and budget adjustments. These adjustments, along with additional internal resources, have allowed the Center to maintain its programmatic footprint to continue providing services and be in position to resume full capacity when it is safe to do so."

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