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Mercy Corps Continues Its Work in Haiti

   Mar 18, 2024

Amid escalating violence and political unrest in Haiti, CharityWatch reached out to several Top-Rated charities with a history of working in the region to understand what aid they are continuing to provide.

Mercy Corps responded to CharityWatch’s inquiry on March 12, 2024. We hope you find this information useful as you consider how best to support Haitian relief efforts during this difficult time.

Is your organization still operating in Haiti? If yes, please describe your operations there.

Yes, Mercy Corps has worked in Haiti since 2010 to meet urgent needs of Haitians through cash assistance, developing small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, developing youth skill-building and engagement to promote productive, peaceful, and active community membership, disaster preparation and recovery, and improving and diversifying farmer crop production for food security, market access, and income generation. Currently, Mercy Corps is providing emergency cash assistance to 32,500 people and more than 700 small businesses in three departments, including Port-au-Prince. Since 2019, Mercy Corps has also been working to reduce violence and help young people pursue opportunities through financial inclusion and life skills training, reaching more than 8,000 adolescents."

Considering the political instability that has escalated in recent days, can you share how your organization is responding? Specifically, are you working to evacuate your staff, contractors, or other contacts, or are you continuing to provide aid, and in what capacity? 

Our staff remain in the country and we are continuing with our ongoing program providing emergency cash assistance to help people who are in need of urgent support and in some cases have been displaced multiple times by violence. Our office in Port au Prince remains open but on an adjusted schedule to ensure staff traveling to and from their homes as well as to and from our program locations remain safe. The security and safety of our staff are our top priority and decisions about staff travel, work schedule and location are assessed daily. Currently, we remain operating and implementing our programs in the communities despite significant challenges such as roadblocks and protests that are unpredictable and impact country leadership’s decision-making daily. The vast majority of our staff are Haitian and live in the communities where we work. Some have been forced to leave their homes and stay with family or friends."

Are you currently collecting donations specifically for Haiti relief currently being conducted in the country? If so, can you share a link to that specific donation page?

No, however donors to Mercy Corps are welcome to direct their donations to Haiti when making a donation here. Donors can always “self-restrict” – that is, they can make a comment with their donation noting that they would like to direct it to Haiti, and it will go to support our programs in Haiti." 

Can you share your imminent, future plans for conducting charitable work in Haiti? Meaning, do you intend to evacuate your staff, contractors, or other contacts, or do you at this time intend to continue your work there?

We are committed to our program participants and the resilience of the people of Haiti, and anticipate continuing our programs. Any future plans that may be impacted by drastic security situations will be made as the security situation unfolds. We remain in operation and hope to remain in operation."


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