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Save The Children Continues Its Work in Haiti

   Mar 14, 2024

Amid escalating violence and political unrest in Haiti, CharityWatch reached out to several Top-Rated charities with a history of working in the region to understand what aid they are continuing to provide.

Save the Children responded to CharityWatch’s inquiry on March 13, 2024. We hope you find this information useful as you consider how best to support Haitian relief efforts during this difficult time.

Is your organization still operating in Haiti? If yes, please describe your operations there.

"Save the Children in Haiti continues to operate in the country with the support and collaboration of local partners working in programs area.  Based on our response strategy, we have reinforced our presence in the country working in the provinces of the West, Sud, Grand’Anse and recently launching operations in Nord-Est with a new field office located in the Nord.  Implementation in Port-au-Prince is mostly led by local partners due to the complex security situation.  Save the Children in Haiti is implementing an integrated multi-sector strategy that supports the development and improvement of children’s resilience in the most vulnerable areas of the country, providing safe access to health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and protection."

"Our current operations include the following projects:

  • Child Protection and Nutrition project: Nutrition counseling for mothers of children under five years, screening of children to refer, attend and prevent cases of children suffering malnutrition. Spaces for children to play and learn in a safe area that were affected by the earthquake in 7 communes of the country.  

  • Education Project: Construction of semi-permanent learning spaces in schools that were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, provide school kits and kits for teachers for safe back to school in a protective, quality environment, for children affected by the earthquake and food insecurity in the South and Grand 'Anse departments.  

  • Cash for Nutrition Project: Cash assistance to families of children suffering malnutrition or at risk of becoming malnourish, so they are able to access food and improve nutrition of children and families. Geographic coverage: Grande-Anse Department, communes of: Beaumont, Pestel, Roseau, Corail.  

  • School Centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience to Climate Change project. Geographic coverage: South Department, communes of les Cayes, Camp-Perrin, Maniche; Grande-Anse Department, communes of Beaumont, Pestel, Roseau, Corail. 

  • Humanitarian project: Delivering life-saving health and protection services to most vulnerable and at-risk persons. Geographic coverage: Northeast Department, commune of Ouanaminthe. 

  • Currently initiating a response in Port-au-Prince to support displaced children and families affected by gang violence."

Considering the political instability that has escalated in recent days, can you share how your organization is responding? Specifically, are you working to evacuate your staff, contractors, or other contacts, or are you continuing to provide aid, and in what capacity? 

"The situation in Haiti, particularly in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, is becoming increasingly dire. Violence has escalated to extreme and unprecedented levels. In recent days, the crisis in Port-au-Prince has been fueled by escalating gang activity, resulting in widespread violence and the displacement of families, including children. They are facing the harshest impact of this crisis, being forced to flee their homes in search of safety and shelter. Since February 29th, the surge in violence has severely hindered access to basic social services, exacerbating the already precarious daily life for many."   

"Our organization is working tirelessly to find ways to address the urgent needs of children forced to flee from their houses due to the violence in Port-au-Prince. We aim to provide assistance to more than five thousand families. This really represents a small portion compared to the huge number of families in need. This is why we are calling and pressing for more support to address the growing needs of populations.  We are also constantly assessing the situation and ready to provide immediate emergency aid, emergency shelter, distributing food, dignity kits, non-food articles and hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and establishing safe spaces for children to receive support and education." 

"Currently, our international staff is working remotely, outside of Haiti. Close monitoring of the security situation is done daily, and necessary precautions are being taken to ensure national staff safety and security and the communities we serve. This monitoring also informs organizational response strategy to upcoming humanitarian needs. The country office is constantly evaluating the impacts on programs and reassessing the needs of the population in Port-au-Prince for an adapted response."

Are you currently collecting donations specifically for Haiti relief currently being conducted in the country? If so, can you share a link to that specific donation page?

"This crisis has really exacerbated the humanitarian needs, and especially for children that are lacking safe spaces, access to education, nutrition, and health services. They are and trapped in a deep cycle of violence. The increased numbers of internally displaced persons, 55 % of which are children, highlight the urgent need for action. Save the Children in Haiti is planning an initial intervention targeting one thousand Internal Displaced People in Port-au-Prince. This represents a small portion compared to the huge needs. Consequently, Save the Children is preparing concept notes and proposals for submission to various donors and our members. The country office thanks donors in advance for their support. Donation page link: here" 

Can you share your imminent, future plans for conducting charitable work in Haiti? Meaning, do you intend to evacuate your staff, contractors, or other contacts, or do you at this time intend to continue your work there?

"With the collaboration of our implementing local partners, we intend to continue our work in Haiti to support the increasing needs among the populations. Save the Children will continue to work around the clock to support children who are trapped in a deadly cycle of violence, poverty, and hunger. We will provide cash so families can buy food and other essentials, delivering essential health and nutrition support, including treating children for malnutrition, and providing nutrition counselling to caregivers. We will continue supporting children to access water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities, to attend schools and ensure they are protected from harm, exploitation, and abuse."

"Save the Children has been working in Haiti since 1978, in both urban and rural communities. While we are doing all we can to try and meet the rising needs of children and their families, we need the international community to turn its attention to Haiti with an immediate injection of lifesaving funding."

Is there any additional information you would like to share?

"We urge the international community to continue supporting efforts to address the crisis by providing financial assistance, technical expertise, and diplomatic support. Collaboration between governments, NGO’s and humanitarian agencies is essential to ensuring a coordinated and effective response.  Children from Haiti must not be forgotten."


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