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Zakat Foundation of America CharityWatch Rating

   Aug 07, 2023

CharityWatch is pleased to announce that we have recently added Zakat Foundation of America to our charity ratings. 

CharityWatch analyzed Zakat Foundation of America's audited financial statements and IRS tax Form 990 for the charity's fiscal year ended 6/30/2022. 

CharityWatch assigned Zakat Foundation of America a final rating of "A+" on our "A+" to "F" rating scaleOur analysis concluded that Zakat Foundation spent 90% of its cash expenses on programs and spent $4 to raise each $100 of cash support in fiscal 2022. 

Mission & Programs

The mission of Zakat Foundation of America is to foster charitable giving to alleviate the immediate needs of poor communities and to establish long-term development projects that ensure individual community growth. 

Zakat Foundation of America describes its programs in its fiscal 2022 tax filing in the following way:

“Community development and water projects: recently, the role of the organization has inclined more toward emphasizing the development of community and transforming it into an intra-community integrated environment. This includes providing fresh and clean water to communities by constructing institutional community centers, safe houses (especially for women), shelters, clinics, places for worship, and other development programs domestically and world-wide. Water wells and hand pumps were constructed mainly in sub-saharan africa and in the northern part of africa in mena. The purpose of the water projects is to aid women who would have to carry water containers for miles daily for the use at home, and for domestic agricultural and animal livestock.


Food security, orphan care and sustainability programs:programs include the distribution of food packages/boxes which provided fresh produce, dairy and hot meals. Covid-19 pandemic started slowing down and it was not as severe of a threat compared to the previous year; however zakat foundation continued distributing food in america as well as in many countries abroad. The sustainability program was designated for food security and provisions of nutrition and economic sustainability through agriculture. This program included the animal husbandry project and vocational training, specifically for women. The orphan care program included food, clothing, essential needs, and seasonal religious festivity gifts for vulnerable children and single mothers.


Healthcare and education programs: comprehensive healthcare programs were delivered to the poor, needy, and economically disadvantaged people in five continents. Services included preventive treatments, health education, mental health care, rehabilitative intervention, developmental treatment of children with special needs, nutritional counseling, and chronic illness treatments. Aid distributions that were provided included ppe (personal protective equipment), general sanitization items and medical supplies. Our educational programs included the establishments of schools/institutions, vocational training and education, and developing programs aligned towards the brighter future of the community, specifically women, children, and single parents towards the goal of making them economically independent.


Emergency response programs: responded quickly to emergencies occurring from man-made or natural disasters and provided food, clothes, shelter, emergency medical aid and harsh weathers' protective and relief goods to the victims of disasters, both domestically and internationally. This program aided victims of earthquakes, floods, storms, snow blizzards, twisters, drought relief, winter relief for refugees globally and the homeless people in the us. Although, covid-19 tapering down, zakat foundation kept on extending food and protective items where ever needed.”

Is Zakat Foundation of America a Top-Rated Charity?

Zakat Foundation of America meets CharityWatch's benchmarks for financial efficiency, governance, and transparency based on our analysis of its fiscal 2022 audited financial statements and IRS Tax Form 990. It is a Top-Rated charity based on these benchmarks. 


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