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Issued January 2018

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Costly and Continuous Kars4Kids Ads Disguise Charity's Real Purpose

Described by many as annoying and by as the subject of "widespread, ubiquitous hate," the catchy advertising jingle for the charity known as Kars4Kids can now be heard not only on radio stations nationwide, but also on major TV networks. ...The TV spot has aired on popular networks such as ESPN and Fox News and has been viewed over 880,000 times on YouTube, with each play of its earworm jingle lightheartedly encouraging people to "donate your car today." By now, you are probably (begrudgingly) familiar with the Kars4Kids jingle, but just how familiar are you with how Kars4Kids spends the money it makes from all those "kars" that get donated "4" kids?

Catchy Jingle Not a Green Light to Donate

For the many people who have heard it, the catchy Kars4Kids jingle is difficult to forget. The charity behind the Kars4Kids fundraising campaign, J O Y for Our Youth (JOY), has spent millions on advertising to ensure the jingle is heard far and wide. In addition to sponsoring an internet video jingle contest, JOY runs radio ads like the one we frequently hear in Chicago enticing potential donors with offers of "maximum" tax deductions as well as a "free vacation" in return for car donations. The commercials make car donation seem as easy as dialing a memorable phone number, but are vague about where the raised money will go, or how it will benefit kids.

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