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Laurie Styron talks to CNBC about how to donate safely to victims of the Israel-Gaza conflict

   Oct 11, 2023

CharityWatch CEO and Executive Director, Laurie Styron, talks to CNBC about how to donate safely to victims of the Israel-Gaza conflict. View CharityWatch's list of Top-Rated charities providing substantial aid in the crisis. 


"Laurie Styron, CEO and executive director of CharityWatch, said her organization looks for charities that already have a presence in the affected region and a history of helping people there."


"'If it's not an organization with a clear plan, your donation could just sit there,' Styron said."


"The folks at CharityWatch have put together a list of top-rated charities providing aid during the Israel-Gaza crisis. The list includes Doctors Without Borders, which has had medical programs in Gaza for more than 20 years, Styron said. 'So they're going to be able to mobilize quickly.'"


"Many donors may be unsure where to put their money of late with the barrage of violence and natural disasters, including the Ukraine war and the [earthquake] in Afghanistan, Styron said."


"'The more people impacted, the more overwhelmed people become, and they can get desensitized and not act,' Styron said."


"That can be especially true when an issue is politically fraught, like with the Israel-Gaza crisis."


"'What people need to remember is that whatever side you align yourself with, there are a lot of innocent people suffering,' she said. 'Give what you can afford."'


Read CNBC’s complete article here for more tips on how to give wisely and watch CharityWatch’s video, below, for more information about charities providing aid to victims of this crisis.  

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